Remarks On TharnType Wedding Day Special

Livestream Event Moments

On Saturday, 13th February, the TharnType series came to an end.  I joined fans from around the world, in anticipation of celebrating the series.  The Livestream event was hosted by the Thai Ticket Major.  

This review may contain spoilers.

Mew (Tharn) and Gulf (Type) first portrayed these iconic characters in TharnType in October 2019 and the series instantly became a fan favorite.  They reprised their roles for Season 2 and the series began airing on the 6th November 2020.

Tharntype Wedding Day
Photo courtesy by Cami

If you would like to watch the TharnType Season 2 Special episode you can purchase it on Vimeo.

TharnType Season 2: 7 Years Of Love, resumes seven years later with Tharn and Type still dating.  Both characters are working adults and dealing with the everyday issue of balancing work, family, and friends.  The series concluded with Type’s father finally excepting Tharn as his son-in-law and Torn (Tharn’s brother) getting married. 

To celebrate the series finally Tharn and Type’s Wedding Day Special event was held.  The price to attend the event costs 199 baht + processing fee which converts to about (USD 7.35).    

The event began with a quick recap of special moments from the TharnType series.  

After the scenes from the series ended the host P’Que and the Season 2 casts came out for introductions.  Next, behind-the-scenes clips were shown as the cast members discussed their memories of filming the particular scenes.  English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles were provided during the special so international fans could follow the programming.    

Fellow actors Mild, Tong (Thorn’s brother), and Maria (Tharn’s sister) joined the remaining cast.  Games were played with the on-screen couples to see who would win or lose.  *Special moment for my ghostship when Boat briefly went and stood next to Mild.  The losing team was then forced to make cute poses while starring at the camera. Which was a bonus for the fans as we were able to screen capture all of the cute moments.  

A special moment occured when Mew and Gulf sang a duet together, facing each other and the audience as beautiful images played in the background. The event concluded with the casts saying their final farewell messages and a festive lion dance to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  

Overall, the live stream was beautifully throughout the entire event and it was nice to celebrate the series finally with the casts, and dedicated fans.  There were some hiccups with the special event that will have to be worked out.  I’m not sure if it was technical difficulties or other concerns but, the event started late.  Also, the closed captions weren’t entirely one-hundred percent during the event.  Thankfully, I was able to connect with other international fans on Twitter and we kept the momentum of the activities tweeting back and forth.  

If you would like to check out TharnType highlights and behind-the-scenes, check out their Youtube channel.

You can watch TharnType The Series on Line TV and don’t forget to follow the social media channels for the latest updates on Twitter and Facebook.

As more series will come to an end there will be more boys love (BL) live stream events that will take place.  I look forward to their events and will keep you posted on special merchandise giveaways and events.   

*Mew & Gulf wedding photo courtesy of Cami find her on Twitter here.

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