Tonhon Chonlatee Event

Let’s Sea Live Fan Meeting Experience

On Saturday, 26th February, the Tonhon Chonlatee virtual fan meeting event was held.  Hundreds of virtual fans gathered together from around the world, to celebrate the casts and everyone who worked on the programming.  

The main characters include Podd Sriphothong (Tonhon) and Khaotung (Chonlatee). The series first aired in November 2020 and had strong support role characters from Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit and TopTop Jirakit Kuariyaku.  Mike and TopTap reprised their roles from the popular Thai drama Together The Series.

If you would like to watch The Tonhon Chonlatee Series you can check it on the GMMTV Youtube channel here.

Tonhon Series plot: Chonlatee is a shy, kind-hearted boy, who has a crush secretly on Tonhon the guy next door, since their childhood days. Tonhon has always taken care of him as if they were real “brothers”. But Chonlatee watching Tonhon and his girlfriend Amp from a distance. That is until destiny favors him when Tonhon updates his status as single. Chonlatee then decides to change his look to get Tonhon’s attention and love. Wikipedia. For a full list of the cast, plot and series actors visit Wikipedia here.

To celebrate the series Tonhon Chonlatee Let’s Sea Live Fan Meet was held via Thai Ticket Major.  The price to attend the event costs 690 baht + processing fee which converts to about (USD 22.35) or fans could purchase a VIP ticket which costs 1200 baht (approx. USD 40).    


The event began with the four main actors singing a song together while the serene virtual background played in the distance.  The lights came on and the show hostess P’Godji and two translators came onto the stage.  Everyone then welcomed six hundred lucky fans who were either VIP purchasers or winners from a special drawing.

L-R: P’Godjii, Podd, KT, TopTap, Mike, P’Wave & Japanese Translator
Tonhon Chonlatee

A routine virtual event formula continued with cast introductions.  Followed by a friendly discussion about rehearsals, behind-the-scenes, and games.  Interesting facts that were discussed from the actors was that for some of them this was their first fan meeting and they were really nervous.  To some fan this may come as a surprise as he seems like he wouldn’t be nervous since he is well known for uploading popular TikTok dance videos.     

The game that was played was called “Act It Out.” It consisted of the two couples who would each act out a scene from the series.  The lucky fans choose the first scene for both couples. At the end of their scene Mike and TopTap finished with an adorable heart pose and Podd and KT staged a favorite fan moment.  

After reading the audience’s comments, five lucky fans were then allowed to ask questions to each of the actors.  The questions ranged from what’s their favorite book, to what they admire most about each other.    


Mike and TopTap left the stage for a quick outfit change while the remaining two actors and hostess discussed their nervousness.  Mike and TopTap then sang about the luck number 7 a Thai song (*I’m not sure about the name of the song as it wasn’t provided on the screen).  They then did their most popular TikTok dance and encouraged all of the zoom attendees to join in on the activity.

Podd and KT followed suit and sang a song together. After singing together the MC’s joined them onstage again. To encourage audience participation they demonstrated a popular dance and then asked the audience to join in on the fun.

Mike and TopTap rejoined the other two cast members and the MC’s for more fan engagements and discussion. Eventually, the event concluded with actors thanking everyone for joining the virtual fan meeting event and the staff who helped bring the whole project together.

Although the pandemic has made travel and large in-person events nearly impossible, Thai artists — from television productions, individuals artists to the fans themselves — have rallied to remain connected and supportive of their favorite entertainers.  As virtual events platforms become more accessible fans can look forward to joining concerts and festivals around the world as long as there are subtitles of course. 

If you want to check out other upcoming Thai TV drama virtual events check out Thai Ticket Major here.      

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