Prem The Journey Recap

Virtual Fan Meeting Experience

Thai drama actor Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong held a retro-inspired showcase on March 27, 2021, called Prem The Journey.  This is the first showcase for the Thai boy’s love actor and will be the start of many more events in the coming months. 

The showcase was filled with various performances showcasing Prem’s musical taste.  With a total of nine songs, audience interactions, and virtual engagement questions, the 2-hour showcase flew by.


The showcase was held at the Ultra Arena Show DC for the in-person audience in Thailand.    Thankfully several fans in attendance posted videos of the soundcheck and press conference for international fans and for those who couldn’t attend.  *Hopefully in the future artists will designate a social media representative so that international fans can feel like they’re also a part of the preshow activities.   


Prem The Journey

The showcase began with a Prem singing a Thai song with a school-age and fun theme that included riding mini bikes with training wheels.  Followed by another Thai song and outfit change into an all-white jumpsuit that resembled cute paper dollies.


A little more than twenty minutes into the showcase fans of the Until We Meet Again series were delighted as Prem was joined onstage with his on-screen partner Boun Noppanut Guntachai.  Prem played the guitar and they sang a song by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R called Best Part.  The beginning of the song was sung in English, with a bridge mixture of Thai freestyle, closed with the original version. 


After the song concluded they talked about their experience so far as actors who have worked together.  Boun gave birthday wishes to Prem and a huge bouquet of red roses.  Followed by the OST for the Until We Meet Again series.  If you want to listen to the official MV you can check it out below courtesy of the Studio Wabi-Sabi Youtube channel.


A brief intermission was held with Thai actors Boom and Peak from the Make It Right Thai drama series. They entertained the audience with a song selection.  For fans of the series who haven’t seen the actors interact together in a while, it was a welcome intermission. 


After a quick outfit change Prem danced to I’m Bringing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.  Next, it was time for virtual interactions from the hundreds of fans who were watching.  Five lucky fans were chosen from the lucky fan video wall and were allowed to ask a question.  The last interaction came from another U.S. fan.  She showed her appreciation for all of Prem’s hard work, training, and dedication.      


Through tears and laughter, Prem said a heartfelt thank you to his mother and people who supported him.  His sincere message was felt even though every word was not fully translated.  The credits started rolling and those fans that believed this was the ending were in for a surprise. 

Prem The Journey Final Bow

Prem came back on stage and a video message from fans played.  Yellow stars with his name written flashed across the screen from fans all over the world.  He thanked the fans once again while tearfully singing and concluded the showcase.  

This showcase was available for fans all over the world to enjoy thanks to MyFun.Live streaming platform.  The price for the ticket costs 960 baht ($30.75 USD).

Upcoming events for Boun and Prem include a fan meeting BounPrem is Real, 1 Day Together on April 18, 2021, in Thailand.  You can find more information here.

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