Erica Dozier, Founder, Thai Fan Meet USA

Erica Dozier, Founder of TFMU, is an entrepreneur and writer.  Living and working in Los Angeles for the past seventeen years I completed my formal education at California State University Northridge.  Since then I have spent my time working in various assistant and event planning roles. 

Founder’s Message

It is my honor to be spearheading the United States promotions for Thai artists, as the Founder of this wonderful company. Since my initial viewing of Love Sick The Series until now, I’m proud to say I am an ally and advocate of the boy’s love and LGBTQ+ community.  To the artist, production crews, directors, and faceless individuals who help bring every project to fruition, your hard work is truly immeasurable, and I thank you! 

In 2020 I founded Thai Fan Meet to better focus the attention on joining the North American audience to produce fan meetings, artist insights, and news.  I created the Thai Fan Meet U.S.A website to provide information about upcoming events, social media accounts, artist insights, and so much more to come. 

As the founder of Thai Fan Meet, I look forward to continuing the mission of increasing international awareness of the struggles of the LGBTQIA community in the U.S. and Asia. Serving on the Los Angeles Programming Board of StartOut and actively engaging in community led initiatives I will focus on developing solidarity across national and regional lines, and promote a positive impact against the intolerance of racial, sexual and gender discrimination.  


Erica Dozier


Thai Fan Meet USA, LLC