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Krist Perawat Sangpotirat is one of the lead actors in one of the most popular Thai BL series Sotus and Sotus S. On his Instagram, he shares his latest projects, brand endorsements, and love for cats.

Prachaya Ruangroj nicknamed Singto is the other half of the lead actors in the tv drama Sotus and Sotus S. His other popular works include He’s Coming To Me and I’m Tee Me Too. Check out his Instagram for glimpses of his friends, family, and love for photography.

Sotus Synopsis: The series begins when a young freshman Kongpob (Singto) has heated interactions with his senior Arthit (Krist) as he pledges his sorority to the faculty of Engineering. Check out episode 1 of Sotus below.

How The BL Series Began To Gain Popularity

“Love and academics get a complicated at-an-all-male college that happens to be right next to an all-female college.” ~ Netflix. Love Sick stares Nawat Phumphotingam nickname White, and Chonlathorn “Captain” Kongyingyong. The series first aired in 2014 and was the first BL series in Thailand. If you want to check out season 1 find more information here

Thai BL Series

Anticipated Series

You Are My Favorite

Set to be released this year is the highly anticipated BL series starring Krist Perawat. Krist has starred in many Thai dramas but has yet to tackle the role of another BL series since his extremely popular role in Sotus.

If you want to watch the series trailer, check it out on GMMTV’s youtube channel here.

Between Us

Boun Guntachai and Prem Chawalitrujiwong, better known as BounPrem, will reprise their roles as Win and Team from the popular BL series Until We Meet Again. Between Us, the storyline will focus on their family’s history and how they develop their relationship.

If you want to watch the series trailer you can check it out down below or on Studio Wabi Sabi’s youtube channel here.

2022 Series

Star and Sky: Star In My Mind

The drama stars Joong Archen Aydin as Khluen and Dunk Natachai Boonprasert as Dao. Joong’s previous works include Two Moons2, where he quickly became a fan favorite. The drama centers around the two main characters moving into their dorm room and realizing they are roommates. Will Dao high school’s crush on Khluen cause conflict in the present day?

If you want to watch the series trailer and first three episodes, you can watch it on GMMTV’s youtube channel here.

KinnPorsche (LaForte)

Fleeing a life-threatening fight Kinn (Mile Romsithong) seeks help from Porsche (Apo Wattanagitiphat), who is professionally trained in taekwondo. Kinn then asks Porsche to be his bodyguard. Kinn needs all the help he can get as the second son of an infamous mafia boss. Their bond grows as the two spend time with each other and learn more about how their childhood trauma has made them into the men they are today.

If you want to watch, the series, check it out on iQiyi.


The first BL series to premiere this year from GMMTV is Enchante. The main casts are all relatively new actors under the GMMTV umbrella. The two main leads are Kasidet Plookphol, aka Book, and Jiratchapong Srisang, aka Force. The series begins when Theo (Book) finds a book with a cute message written inside. Force (Ak) exposes the situation and the drama begins when four classmates all claim to be the book’s messenger.

If you want to watch, the series check with English subtitles on GMMTV’s Youtube channel here.

2021 Thai BL Series

Bad Buddy

The series premiered on October 29th and will go on until January 21, 2022. The main actors are Pawat Chittsawangdee, who portrays the character Pat, and Korapat Kirdpan, who stars as Pran. The series is about Pat and Pran’s competitive nature as they grow up together as next-door neighbors, only to realize they have deep feelings for each other.

If you want to watch, the series, check out GMMTV’s YouTube channel here.

Fish Upon The Sky

The series premiered on April 09th and goes until June 25, 2021. The main actors are Phuwin Tangsakyuen, who portrays the character Pi and Pond Lertratkosum, who stars as Mork. The actor Mix Sahaphap Wongratch who also stars in A Tale Of A Thousand Stars also appears in the series.

A Tale Of Thousand Stars

On January 29, 2021, A Tale of a Thousand Stars premiered starring Earth ~ Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Mix ~ Sahaphap Wongratch. The story begins after Tian (Mix) receives a heart transplant from an anonymous donor. Tian dedicates his life to making a difference and decides to teach in a small rural village where he meets Phupha (Earth). Their feelings blossom as Tian learns more about Phupha and his heart donor.

TharnType Season 2

TharnType Season 2 stares Suppasit Jongcheveevat nickname Mew and Kanawut Gulf Traipipattanapong. The series follows Tharn and Type’s relationship 7 years after this series first began with the two falling in love while attending University.

“Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier of subtitles you will be introduced to so many more amazing (films, tv, people….)” ~ Bong Joon Ho, Director of Parasite

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